Renewable digital assets

Crypto and many digital technologies are increasing the carbon footprint of our planet. However, many businesses are already seeing spectacular opportunities in the cryptocurrency arena. Anika Digital Holdings is one of them. We believe crypto can be our resource to battle the growing economic imbalance between communities. 

We’re upgrading technologies that can help rural community growth in the country. We’re also following a strategy to support businesses struggling in the energy generation industry. Bitcoin is one of the world’s most popular cryptocurrencies. Anika Digital Holdings has many bitcoin mining facilities – But we never overlooked the harm crypto mining has been doing to this planet. 

That’s why we’re going towards ‘Green Bitcoin’. This is not a new coin but a new way to operate our Bitcoin mining procedure.


What does 100% renewable digital assets mean?

When energy or electricity comes from renewable sources like biomass, hydropower, wind, and solar, it’s called renewable energy. Leading towards 100% renewable does not mean consuming energy that comes from renewable sources only. Companies can reach 50%, 80%, or even 100% renewability by buying electricity that comes from renewable sources. 

That means even companies that don’t use clean energy directly can become 100% renewable. Because the renewable energy contracts don’t necessarily ask the buyers to consume the renewable energy right from the energy plants. Since the US grid takes electricity from different kinds of sources, it distributes the energy to the consumers all the same. It doesn’t matter if the clean energy goes to a household or an industry. 

Suppose a company called A consumes 150 MWh of electricity every year. If A wants to achieve 100% renewability, it can create a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with a renewable energy farm. When they agree to buy all 150 MWh, say 10 years from this farm, they might achieve 100% renewability for 10 years. 

How? Company A will fund the energy firm to build a project that will generate 150 MWh of electricity. They will export this electricity directly to the grid every year. This transfer of renewable energy into the grid will replace the 150 MWh energy generation that would come from a fossil fuel source. 

It doesn’t matter if the company doesn’t directly consume the energy from the renewable plant. Their action still reduces their dependence on non-renewable sources and lifts pressure off the electricity grid. Simply put, to achieve 100% digital asset renewability, organizations have to consume or buy the entire amount of electricity they need every year from 100% renewable energy sources.

Green bitcoin


Why is renewability crucial in the crypto world?

Crypto poses a risk because it requires a considerable amount of electricity. Only Bitcoin consumes about 145 TWh of power. This equals 0.32% of the total energy consumption of the whole world. At first, the impact of crypto on the energy grid wasn’t that overwhelming. However, it has reached an alarming phase in the past few years. Bitcoin’s consumption rapidly increased from 11.8 to 120.5 TWh in the past 5 years. Studies show the energy demand could go to 706 TWh by 2027. 

It’s time to think deeply about this alarming situation. ADH understands and addresses this concern and works with full effort to solve this emerging issue. We’re now powering our crypto mining facilities from existing renewable energy sources. We’re moving towards our great goal of becoming a 100% renewable digital assets company. 


How is ADH planning to become a green crypto company?

Anika Digital Holdings has partnered with Anika Green Energy to achieve its reliability goals. Both companies are working on a solution that enables green bitcoin mining. We look for abandoned power plants that can generate clean energy but needs financial support to renew their projects. 

We repurpose and use such plants to source energy and operate our bitcoin mining facilities. An integrated system enabled in our company independently controls and manages all the energy production and bitcoin mining. As a result, ADH doesn’t have to rely on any third parties. This process also reduces our bitcoin mining downtime.

ADH’s goal is to empower rural communities through all its products and projects. We source energy from rural areas to empower them with the necessary resources and support to grow the economy. From our net revenue, we donate a portion to aid renewable energy-related research that can help the world become a better place. 


We’ve yet to reach 100% renewability. Still, it’s our mission to utilize 100% renewable energy to power our bitcoin mining facilities within the next few years. 

Renewable energy


Future of Digital Assets 

Digital asset technology is developing and needs more improvement. The crypto industry is full of wonders and challenges, but we can achieve great outcomes by changing our way of doing things. Many cities, countries, and companies, such as Google, have successfully sourced the energy they needed from 100% renewable sources. ADH strongly believes they’re on the right path to generating 100% renewal digital assets.

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