The Anika Green Energy (AGE) business model is focused on generating green energy to power the IoT.


RejuvenatING the Economies of Rural Communities
in Former Company Towns.

Rural America
We are from small-town America.
Green Planet
We want to leave a green planet for our children.
Digital Future
The internet of things will continue to grow.


The IoT relies on a constant and reliable source of electricity to function properly.

The processing power required to analyze the vast amounts of data generated by IoT devices requires significant energy, and traditional energy sources are often limited in their ability to provide the necessary power.

Green energy solutions such as those provided by AGE are crucial for ensuring the growth and sustainability of the IoT. By generating energy from renewable sources, AGE is helping to reduce the carbon footprint of the IoT while ensuring that it continues to grow and evolve.

Overall, the growth of the IoT and the demand for constant electricity to power it are significant market opportunities. By focusing on sustainable and eco-friendly energy solutions like those provided by AGE, companies can help to ensure that the growth of the IoT is not hampered by a lack of energy or negative environmental impact.

Overall, the consistent growth of the IoT is driving an increasing need for reliable and sustainable sources of electricity, and this demand is helping to drive the development of new renewable energy technologies. This presents a significant market opportunity for investors and businesses in both the IoT and renewable energy industries.

Bringing Life Back to Stranded Assets.


  • We are the First Energy Company to Focus ALL Our Focus on the Revitalization of America’s Rural Communities.
  • Our Vision is to Bring Back Economies to Rural Communities that have been Affected by the Changing of American Industry. 
  • Our Project is Purpose Driven, Special & Powerful. We Believe We will, along with Our Partners, Change the Way the World Views Rural America. 
  • We are the New AGE of Rural America.

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